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A small webdesign company

Thanks for stopping by! We’re a small web-design company. Our aim is to make affordable elegant websites. We do this by taking the cost upfront and spread the small payments out.

Our goal is to make a good experience for you and ourselves.


Word from the owner

Most people don’t have a great experience with their online business. I’ve been around the industry so long that I’ve seen a lot of common problems. Great companies with an awesome staff and product, lead to destruction by terrible leadership. I’ve seen many bad experiences because management simply didn’t understand the problem or the impact. I’ve seen many customers sold into an overpriced mediocre service, that treated employees as expendable fodder and the customers worse.

When it comes to business, you can’t have a bad department. If you have a bad or spoiled ingredient, what ever your cooking will be bad too. That’s not to say you can have a perfect company or experience, but you can have a high quality product and good experience, and it shouldn’t be difficult to get there. The food analogy works well because there’s cheap food and quality food, if you know where to go, you can sometimes find both.

We believe in not cutting corners. We have a business model that makes your success our success.

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