about you

Most pages on the Internet has some form of about page to let people know what they’re looking at. It’s good to go into a little detail about your business and history.

Why have an about page/section

When people get to your page, the two most important questions to answer are: Who are you? What do you offer?

An about page does just that. Everyone like a good story, tell yours. Just make it too long.

It’s a good place to set you apart and make you stand out.


  • Keep it simple, it’s a turn-off if you try to be too clever about your website.
  • Let the patron know who you are, let them know what you look like.
  • Call it ‘About’.
  • Tell your story!
  • Include your Address and Contact details.
  • Make sure it reflects your company.
  • Your name with your face helps people remember you. They can feel like they know you already.
  • Talk about what people want to know.


  • Don’t use technical terms or Jargon, use a language your patrons will understand.
  • Don’t make people think. The fewer people have to work on figuring out your website, navigation or anything else, the better.
  • Don’t write out too much. Keep it interesting.
  • Don’t think the about page is about you. It’s about the reader and their experience.
  • Don’t skip the About page.


When people go to the contact section, it’s usually a success on the part of the website.

The contact section should be simple and to the point. Where can we find you, what times are you open. Is there anything else we need to know before showing up?

Be careful when adding maps. Sure they can be useful, but too many can be really cumbersome to load, especially on a mobile device.

Don’t be pushy. Having your contact displayed, like a phone number at the top, is fine. But a contact section on every page and popping up everywhere sometimes off as rude or desperate.

Do you have any special requirements? Do people need forms to come in? An appointment? Where can people park? It’s a good idea to include anything people need in this section.

The contact section is a good place to put a FAQ section as well.

Be careful about your contact section, it may be the most important part of your website. Maps and other feeds can slow down your site a lot. It’s a good idea to make the contact it’s own page or section.