Customized hosting for WordPress and Applications

Our Hosting Services

Our premium hosting services are exclusive. We have high standards for quality, and we can work with you to get there. There are a lot of “developers” out there with pirated software or badly configured sites. The problem with that is this reflects on our hosting in orders of speed, security, reliability and overall experience for everyone. Just like spoiled food, it can spread quickly. However, we may even be able to upgrade your site to meet those standards of excellence. We offer nice features over most other hosting companies for a good price.



  • Free Lifetime SSL for all domains and subdomains
  • Customized server
  • Light weight, low overhead for Speed
  • Starts at only $20 a month
  • Your own customized server
  • Automated website updates
  • Free malware removal(If it ever happens, big if)
  • Exclusive
  • Fast service


Hosting you don’t have to worry about

Have you had bad experiences with hosting? We have a hard time finding someone who hasn’t. Finding a good host can be worse than shopping for insurance. Charging exorbitant prices, obscure optimizing practices. Sending emails and warnings that’s difficult to understand. Talking in terms they barely understand. There’s a better way.

Hosting doesn’t have to be any of that. Just keep your site fast, secure and online. It’s not that difficult.

Do we sound too good to be true? There is a catch and it’s this:
We don’t have a portal to log into, we’ll take care of everything for you.

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