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Is your website helping your business? Having a good online presence can be critical to helping your clients get to know and trust you.

Our Website Options

Speed’s the key

Site speed is critical for online success. It’s one of our specialties, however, not all sites can meet our standards. Image heavy sites and videos and remote scripts can really kill the speed of your site.

That said, we have special streamlined software to give you a competing edge when it comes to speed.

Free Lifetime SSL Certificates!

We can provide a free SSL Certificate as long as you’re hosting with us. After the website is paid off, hosting is only $14 a month.

These days, having a secure connection to a website is critical. Not only is it Important to your Search Rankings, but also it’s increasingly important for your visitors.

Web App | iOS | Android

If you need a custom website, an API and specialized features outside normal development, you’ll need a web app. This is an entire different animal, generally requires a team and can take anywhere from a month to years to complete the web app. The nature of these are a lot more expensive than the pricing tier we can offer above. Still, our rates are more than competitive as we limit our overhead.

If this sounds interesting to you, fill out the contact form below. We’ll need to talk about your needs and requirements. We’ll see if we can remove the obstacles to getting your dream web app. This includes deploying to iOS and Android as well as the web.

The Professional Advantage

A lot of DIY websites just don’t work in the Real world. They don’t operate with a “return on investment” mindset. Because of that, they’re often not cheaper as an alternative. Many of them really don’t make the grade when it comes to helping your search rankings. It’s not as easy as filling the blank and then your site’s finished. Worse, you’ll often find that the site you worked on can’t transfer anywhere else. So moving to better hosting or improvements becomes a difficult task.

With us, the process is simple. Once the website is paid off it’s yours and if you want we can train you how to update your site. We offer Cheap Hosting for as long as you wish. Though, a little caution. We love to spoil our customers. After us, you may find dealing with other hosting companies an unpleasant experience. After all, your success is our success. We hope to have a good relationship moving forward.

Why Us

Custom Hosting

We build out our own hosting environment to tailor to our sites. Unlike a lot of “Shared hosting” sites, we can optimize the front and back end, giving you a better experience.


Would you like to make your own updates? Our system not only makes it easy to maintain the site, but do updates as well.

Based in the US

Emergencies can happen. It’s frustrating when you can’t talk to someone. No one likes making a call at 2am or long response times.
We will always have our Support and Development teams based in the United States and Canada.


Hand coding a website from scratch is a large waste of time these days. WordPress is software designed for everyone, emphasizing accessibility, performance, security, and ease of use. Keeping costs low.

Free Lifetime SSL Certificates

One of the benefits to setting our own hosting is we can offer Free SSL certificates for every site we host for as long we have your site.


Custom Site

We offer a custom-built site for your online presence. Something that fits your brand and a way for your Customers to get to know and find you.

Low Monthly

We understand not everyone has a large amount of operating capital on something as important as their online presence. By taking the cost long term, we can provide a quality site at an affordable price.

Automatic Updates

Security is one of our top priorities. We force updates daily, so your site stays safe.

Need Hosting?

We also offer hosting solutions. Come and check us out!

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